Folk Art Fair

Friday and Saturday October 14 & 15
Folk Art Fair in Basin Spring Park

Exhibitor Applications Will
Be Accepted Until August 15, 2016.

We are accepting applications from exhibitors that create and
sell handcrafted items from the Ozarks.

Vendor Criteria: 

Traditional/Folk Artist:
Folk or traditional art, as practiced by ethnic, regional, occupational, familial, and religious groups, refers to the traditional expressions through which these communities maintain and pass on their shared sense of beauty, identity, and values.

Generally, folk or traditional art is learned by example from a family or community member, through imitation and repetition, rather than through formal instruction such as classes or workshops. Ordinarily, valued and authentic folk practitioners are brought up within a traditional community, learning a repertoire and style from their seniors.

Green Artist:
Green artists take used or recycled materials and upcycle them to make art or functional objects. The products convey the artists’ wisdom, skill and creativity for conserving the planet — using materials in sometimes recognizable, and sometimes surprising ways.

Click here for a PDF copy of our application.